Talk 2 – Mr. Paul

Talk 2 – Mr.Paul
So today, finally, a native speaker came to my class. His name is Mr. Paul (53 y.o, but look like 47 y.o). He came from England but his family life in Cibubur, ㅋㅋㅋ..He totally fun^^ And I really enjoy when his in our class.

He keep talking^^ and then he ask us our opinion about life. He wrote “Life is …..” on the board. He mention about Boyzone. He said that boyband has song that called “Life is..” He want to us geuss it. He waves his hand in the weird way, I think he gave us a clue, so I just said, “rollercoaster”

He heard what I said, and come to me. Then he told me to repet what I said before, so I just said “Life is like a rollercoaster”. And you know what? I got it right! Hahahaha..,I feel really proud, even that just a small thing.

Because of that, he notice me, ask my name, and told me to came in front of the class. I feel really happy, even I got little bit nervous. He ask my name again, then said I have a great name. And there is a famous singer from england that has same name with me. But, I don’t know who his refer to, so I don’t think that singer is famous, hahaha..

He told me to tell about my self, so I just keep talking. And when he ask me about what I do in Sunday, I answered, that usually I reading a novel. He asking me again about what book that I read. I got confused at that time. I mean, I read many book, and I’m not sure which book that I have to mention. So I decide to tell that I read a fiction novel “The Mortal Instrument” by Cassandra Clare. He ask me AGAIN, where the writer come from, but I don’t know, where is she come from, that good I still remember her name~ He said he don’t know that writer and will check it at google. I don’t know he serious about it or not, but I hope he really check it. After a second, I realize why I’m not just talk about Phillip Pullman. I’m sure he more famous. But I decided to not said it.

I think I speak well and clearly, so I feel really great^^ But, I got stuck, when he told me to gave a message to my classmate. It’s because I don’t know what kind of message that I need to say. So I just say, “Make a dream, and fullfill it” Not bad isn’t it? Hehehe..Actually, Mr. Paul help me to make that sentences, his really kind^^

Oya..,Mr. Paul wrote “I believe….” on the board, and told me to complate that sentences. And automatically I said, “I believe I can fly”^^ Hahahaha..,it’s because I  remember about sentences that Eunhyuk showed in wallpapper of his phone, that said “I can fly”. So I just say that, ㅋㅋㅋ.

I feel really glad to met with Mr.Paul and talk with him^^

PS : I heard that another native speaker will come to may class. I forgot his name, but he handsome, hahaha..But, the problem is, he will teach math. And I hate math~




2 thoughts on “Talk 2 – Mr. Paul

    • Jiaahh..,dikau jauh sekali nyasar disini, hahaha..
      Anio..anio..,nggk gitu juga kali, kekeke~
      Salah sekali, rambutnya masih banyak, nggak pake kacamata, n pake kemeja, kekeke~

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