Talk 17 – Honestly..

I want to talking about some people around me..


She’s like my sister, not my best friend. She’s not my friend, just someone that i know. They bitch. I miss him, he really cute, miss him. She’s beautiful girl that i called my best friend but make me felt sick because always lied to me. He’s weird boy that i hope gone fast. Although he traitor, i still waiting for him. That girls annoying, i don’t like stay with them in long time. I hate her, she always make me want to kill her. Well, she’s really kind, although i still can’t call her my best friend, she’s still the best than others. I’m not really like her. I don’t understand them.  Who are they to me exactly?

I love them (although i said i hate one of them). I felt glad know them. I realize i need them. But still, that something weird i felt when i saw or talk with them.

In one side i hope they gone fast from my eyes, but in other side i hope i can always with them.

They are weird persons.



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