Talk 20 – Special Memories in 2011

I will write some of great memories that i had in 2011. I’m not write it in order and i can’t choose which one is the best. Because memories that i write is something special not the best one.

And this is some special memories that i had in 2011 :

1. In new year 2011 i was in Kuta Beach, Bali

2. My first dance performance

3. Met unique persons : Debby, Ghifari

4. Met Ryo oppa..,hahaha

5. In 4th June 2011 i went to Seokarno – Hatta airport to pick up Super Junior members. Well, i’m not see Super Junior members, but i was in very close distance with them, especially Donghae oppa.

6. Went to airport to pick up 2PM members (It’s happened before i went to pick up Super Junior) I’m not meet them, and not in close distance with them. Actually i’m not hottest at that time, but i felt so disappointed, and almost become their antis. I’m so glad i’m not really become their antis.

7. First time came to fan gathering. By the way, this year me and my friends came to three fan gathering.

8. Became remain author at SM Town Fanfiction and FFindo. This year i published two chapter fanfictions (Two In Me & My Silver), one drabble (When I Cry), and four oneshoot fanfictions (Banshee, Before U Go, It’s Just Me, and Until It’s End)

9. My best birthday is happened in 2011. Special thanks for Debby, Fia, Tya, and Elsya 🙂

10. First time wearing Hanbok^^

11. First time participated at Flash Mob

12. Send present (Underwear dolls) to Seoul, South Korea, for Super Junior members. The present successfully delivered to South Korea and received by Sukira’s producer. We not sure our presents accepted by Super Junior or not. But, we just positive thingking our present received by them 🙂 *Special thanks for my Korean teacher, Ninda eonni, who helped us a lot.


I’m sure it’s not only this, i’m the one who forget. So, i will keep updating if i remember other special moment in 2o11 🙂


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