An Amazing Story

I found it randomly..,and yeah this story is amazing..:)

a k-fan and her husband somehow ended up having a drink with their new neighbour, an older man who has sons.

They were talking about their kids, and the man told them about his youngest son who is in 10th grade. He doesnt study, is a bit of a rebel, but he is really good at dancing and likes bboying. (Here, the kfan’s husband said that his wife is really into bboying… LOL).

Anyway, the man said there was even a time when the son was so obsessed with bboying he wouldn’t come home. But one day he started being a good kid, and trying harder with everything. The man asked his son if he has decided to focus on his studies.

The son said that he found a role model… singer Jay Park (!!!).

The son said that he wants to live exactly like him, and be a good son to his parents. He wants to get better at bboying so he can meet Jay one day.

So the father started looking up Jay on the internet and is making an effort to have an interest in common with his youngest son.

The father also said that his son has changed so much. The son even invites his dad along to battles & performances and said to him that he is a huge support when he comes to see him.

^ I just thought this was a crazy coincidence that a jwalker happened to meet someone like this.

It’s great to see kids look up to jay, I think he is an awesome role model. He lives his life doing what he loves most, but does it in a way that doesn’t affect his family negatively. And he is also responsible, kind-hearted but still himself.

Credit : jaymail @tumblr


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