My Facts #1

So, I will fill ‘My Facts’ about all kinds of facts about me. Well, i don’t know why i post something like this, it’s just for fun.

First of all, i do not look like the image above. But, yeah, i wear big glasses just like her. But, i don’t think i look like girl in the image above. This is the first part of My Facts, so let’s start!

My Facts :

1. My name is Gladis Sadewi

2. My nickname is Gladis. But, some of my friends call me ‘Eonni’, but, still, my favorite nickname is Gladis.

3. I was born on 2nd November 19977 at Bekasi, Indonesia

4. I have long and straight black hair

5. I’m not sure my eyes are dark brown or black

6. My height is 157.7 cm

7. My weigh is….ummmm….,i don’t know…,between 46 – 48

What else???!!!

8. I usually found in internet world as GladizCass

9. Believe it or not, but my toe is small. My toe size in Indonesia calculated is 35 – 36.

10. I was an author in FFindo and SM Town Fanfiction

11. My Twitter : GladizCass

12. My Facebook : Gladiz Cassiopeia

I think that’s all for part one, will give more facts about me in part two 🙂


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