[WGM] Sena Crying for Eunhyuk

Well, i don’t know it’s based on script or not. But, i feel bad for Sena eonni, her cry look really real. This video made me saw Eunhyuk oppa as bad boy and made me hate Eunseo. If you see in 00:03 – 00:04, the way Eunseo look at the phone then look at (maybe) Sena eonni it’s scary. It’s look like she say,

“See? I’m better than you” or “See? I can get him easily”



2 thoughts on “[WGM] Sena Crying for Eunhyuk

  1. i didnt like eunso, the way she played with hyuk and hae oppa hearts… and i didnt like hyuk oppa when he fell for eunso trap and made sena eonni cried… sena has a kind heart… i love her so much better than other girls… ><

  2. since the beginning, Sena and Yeonjoo were my favorite among the girls. I didn’t like how Eunhyuk made Sena unnie cry. It must have been hard for her. Eunhyuk just went too far. Well, if he doesn’t like her, he should have felt sorry. I hate how he was laughing at the back and Sena unnie was hurting too much.

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