This words are really beautiful

TVfXQ | 東方神起 | DBSK | 동방신기 | THSK | とうほうしんき | The Rising Gods of the East

Cassiopeia~ Always Keeping The Faith through hard times, PROUD of your love for music and each other. We miss you so this is a Song For You, to help you Ride On into the future as Survivors, and ‘fly to the top’. You gave us Somebody to Love, and took away the Darkness on our eyes, replacing it with the Beautiful You. Whatever They Say, we don’t care because Together we Never Let Go. Why Did We Fall in Love with You? Because you’re the Last Angels… The Rising Gods of the East. We are your Little Princesses and princes in your Magic Castle. We Believe that our Love Is…Unforgettable and One of a kind. We may be Choosey Lovers but I Love You With All My Heart, Mind and Soul and that is My Destiny. When We’ll Be Together again and hear TVXQ as 5 saying Thanks To Cassiopeia, Holding Back The Tears will be impossible. As all of Cassiopeia CLAP, I believe a Rainbow could light up the Sky above us, one family holding red Balloons. I’ll Be There, Lovin’ You; and A Thousand Years’ Love Song won’t be enough to tell our tale. Nobody Knows how to Begin to say thank you to you, 5 men who are Superstars that can make us Weep and laugh and smile with them, although we may be a Long Way away. Nine years since debut this year and counting, we’ll Stand By U for many more; there is no Dead End in our future. The Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang is Eternal and our hearts are never Empty when we see those 5 stars Shine on stage. From Hug to Mirotic, to Keep Your Head Down and In Heaven, through thick and thin, our Love Is Never Gone, it’s Evergreen and Always There, Remember that. Although we can’t Stop Time, we Promise we’ll be with you as time goes On and On, walking with you Step by Step. Because Tomorrow Will Come, we’ll Stay with you Tonight and every following night, even the Rainy Nights… awaiting the Rising Sun and the Day Moon. You don’t have to tell us ‘Don’t Forget’ because our time together is an unForgotten Season. TVXQ and Cassiopeia fit together like a Melody and Harmony, the Keyword to each other’s hearts. We Cassiopeians will forever be by your side, whether it be the silent supporters, or the die-hard fans; those of us who are close to you, or miles away. We will go on, cherishing TVXQ in our hearts, our memories, and our lives. As 2, 3 or 5, it doesn’t matter. What matters is our love for you, and we will never say Farewell.”

Credit : @YT




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