Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Official Lyric Video) / Talk 36 – Watched Movie

It was beautiful song^^

It’s a soundtrack for The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn. I watched the movie but i didn’t hear this song when i watched it. Well maybe i heard it, i just forgot. It was because when i watched a movie i didn’t really pay attention with the soundtrack.

I thought it was a famous song, but i heard this song two days ago when one of my friend shared this song on his facebook (actually i wanted to give him nickname but i couldn’t decide yet, so maybe later)

Because it’s a soundtrack for Breaking Down movie, it made me remembered when i watched it by myself in cinema. It was my first time watched movie in cinema by myself. Actually i didn’t planned to watch it by myself, but because my friend and her stupid boyfriend, in the end i watched it by myself.

It was really amazing movie, i was really enjoyed it. And it was funny to remembered how i cried by myself, laughed by myself, and talked by myself when i watched the movie. A girl that sat beside me looked at me, i knew she thought i’m a weird girl, but i didn’t cared at all.

I was in bad mood that day. And i realized that watching movie by myself in cinema was really good way to made my mood became better. I took taxi to go home, and when i was in taxi i thought i would watch movie by myself again later. But i never do that again until now. First reason is because i didn’t have time and my parents wouldn’t let me to go by myself.

But, however, i really wanted to go if i have time, money, and my parents give me permission to go^^

Credit Video : lovemspenny@YT



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