Talk 42 – Bogoshipoyo ~ ^^

I’ll talk about my BEST FRIEND . It’s not about my crush or anyone else. It’s about my best friend. Someone that i really miss. We knew each other about 4 years ago. And then we became best friends. Well, i wasn’t sure why or how.

But we’re friend. We played and studied together. Sometimes we fight, but we’re still friend. We were really close, all of my friends and teachers knew about that. And usually they said we were dating but we were absolutely not dating.

I really like to talked with him (yeah, my best friend is a boy). Our humors were matched. We text each other almost everyday. Well, actually in a day i could send one hundred messages, neither did he.

He used to call me in the afternoon or night. I usually felt awkward when talk with a boy on the phone. But, he is an exception. We could talk about anything without planning. And like what i said before, i really love to talk with him.

Aaaaa…,talked about this made me more miss him ><

Actually there are many things i wanted to tell, but, yeah, the end.

So, one day, with no known reason, he started ignored me and stop talked with me. That was really weird. I mean, everything were okay before. He suddenly became really cold. He absolutely ignored me. He made me confused. But, because he kept ignored me, i started to ignored him too.

I tried to find the reasons why he ignored me and why he changed (he was really changed i wasn’t just judged him randomly) But, i didn’t get anything. That made me really sad. I kept think ‘what is my mistake?’

Well, then everything about him became more worst. I felt more sad and i was cried several times (yeah, he will never know i cry because of him). But, i knew i couldn’t keep thinking and feeling sad because of him. There were many happy things around me, and he ignored me, so why i kept thinking about him?!

It was hard at first, but i finally could handle it. So, i’m okay now 😀 Yeah, i’m okay for these past two years 😀 We never really talked together anymore. But, however, i still called him my best friend. And i still care about him. And today i miss him so much.

Bogoshipoyo ~ ^^

My wish is i hope we can be like four years ago before we graduate from junior high school.



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