Talk 50 – Our 1st Day

Yup, it’s my talk 50th..



From where should i start..,hmm…

jhajdhasdhssaeiuayewuyaq….,it’s something that’ absolutely unpredictable..

Ok, so i had my first boyfriend… huwaaaaaaaaa >< weird -_______-

It’s a boy i mentioned in talk 42 and talk 46. My bestfriend, let’s call him…..,just call him.. V? Ok..,done..


Before, he gave me white roses and said happy birthday..

And today, he gave me red roses and told me he love me and wanted to be my boyfriend ><

Well, actually its REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD for me to decided my answer, but, yeah, i decided to be his girlfriend.

Gosh, there’s something wrong with my brain -____- ok whatever, i like him :p

AND i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY thought about Train. And i┬áREALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope he can understand why i couldn’t be his girlfriend and why i decided to stay with V. The reason is something that i can’t explain. I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY if i hurt him, i don’t mean like that T-T

And i hope everyone can accept and give support for our relationship.


Ok, so today it’s V and i first day, and i hope our relationship can be long last ^^



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