Talk 63 – Tidy Up!!


So in the picture above, there is my bookcase, very messy, huh? I was very busy and too lazy these days so i just put everything in my bookcase randomly. And this how it look, hehe 😀

But today i tidy up my bookcase and actually it didn’t took too long time like i thought before.


Look much better, isn’t it? 😀

I always feel proud and happy after i tidy up something ^^I also tidy up other things in my room, and it was tiring but also fun thing to do.


And you know what? I found this comic, ‘Dennis the Menace’, i didn’t really read this comic series, but i always watched this cartoon when i was in kindergarten. Believe it or not, but at that time, Dennis (and also Jimmy Neutron) is my dream boy, haha 😀

PS : I lost some of my novels because i lend it to my friends and some of it just disappeared mysteriously, it makes me little bit sad..


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