Talk 64 – Handmade Owls

In the picture above, there are my handmade owls 😀 I really proud of it although i knew it’s not that cute, hehe.. I made it from flannel fabric. I really want to show you the steps or the tutorial how to make it, but the process is really messed so i didn’t think to take the pictures or make a video of it. But however, the steps to make it is really simple.

First, i draw the shape of owl’s body on the paper (or you can search the shape of owl’s body in the internet then print it) And then, i cut out the draw of owl’s body, then i cut the flannel fabric based on the draw of owl’s body in the paper. You need to made two of it for the back and the front side. Am i explain it clear enough? Well, i don’t think so ._. Ok, so you just sew that two pieces (the front and back side oft the owl’s bodies). And you can made the eyes, the wings, and the decorations just like what you want with the flannel fabric and then stick it with fabric glue. Yup, that’s it.

I think i will made another mini doll next time ^^


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