Talk 67 – My Favorite Youtube Channels

I love youtube. I think that’s all that i can write about what i feel and what i think about youtube. Yep, i love youtube.

And there are some youtube channels that i like to visits whenever i online. Well, actually there’s a lot of it. First, for comedy or entertaining youtube channels are..

(Please just click the picture, so you can check the channels ^^)

Yup, Kevin Jumba is my favorite. I found him really funny and entertaining and and interesting and weird~ kekeke~ I like how he made his video randomly but put some morals in it. He also has another channel called JumbaFund, that’s also entertaining. So if one of you never watch his videos, you should check them out.

And oh yeah, the twins!!!

I knew this channel from my older brother, and i just totally in love with it. Jack and Finn are insanely awesome. Their videos are funny and interesting and weird~ Yeah, i think all the youtubers all weird. Well, maybe because of that they became famous youtubers, hehe.. Ok, so this cutey twins with british accent is a worth to watch.

Next is fashion channel šŸ˜€

Well, i know that there are many great fashion channels in youtube, but i don’t know why i only watch Macbarbie07. Sometimes i watch other channels, but Bethany’s videos are my favorite šŸ˜€ hehe.. Bethany made various make up tutorials, fashion inspiration, halloween costume tutorials, and off course DIY, and other things like her room tour or her favorite stuffs in a month. Bethany is a such creative and talented girl. She is also little bit weird but however she’s really pretty, kekeke~ ^^

And if you know that i learn guitar by my self, so i like to watch guitar tutorial in youtube to help me find out about the way to play some songs easily. And this is my favorite guitar tutorial channel ^^

For3v3rfaithful is my favorite guitar tutorial channel, because i think Ellen is the best guitar teacher in youtube and her video is very detailed. She told us step by step about how to do the picking, strumming, and transition. And there also her cover in the end of her guitar tutorial video with chords and lyrics on the screen, so we can play the full song easily.

Now, it’s cooking time šŸ˜€

I can’t cook, but i always hope i can. You know as a girl, ‘cooking’ is a skill that we should learn even just for a bit. I really want to learn, but i have one problem. I’m afraid of the stove. So, i can’t turn it on. Everytime i see fire from the stove, i really want to get away from it, because i afraid the stove will explode and burn me up >< I know, i’m weird.

Ok, however, Nerdy Nummies is my favorite cooking channel in youtube, because Ro make many delicious cute cakes and cupcakes and candies, and others~Ā  She tell us how to make it in fun way. So i really enjoy watching her videos, you should watch it too ^^

And for the extra of my favorite youtube channel, this is HapyFriendShoppe šŸ˜€

I found out about this channel few weeks ago. These days i really fall in love in making plushie, so this channel help me a lot. Aiko gives template for every plushies tutorial in her videos so i can make plushie easier. She also make fashion inspiration and DIY videos that really simple and really cute, if you have the materials you absolutely can make it.

Yep, i think that’s all for my favorite youtube channels. Maybe some of you wondering about who is my favorite cover singer and what is his/her channel (and if you’re not, it’s okay :D), but honestly i don’t really listen to cover songs. And i don’t have specific cover singer that i like. If i listen to cover songs, i usually find it randomly.

Ok, so if you want to share about your favorite youtube channels you can give your comment below, i really appreciate it. Thank you ^^


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