Talk 69 – Plushies!! <3


Yap, finally it’s here! I’ve been planning to post about this talk like few months ago but i post it today, so, yeah, here it is 😀 hehe..

In my last holiday, i learn how to make plushie. Plushie is a kind of small doll that made from flannel fabric and plush. It’s really cute doll and fun to make, so i really excited to make a lot of it. Well, although in fact i just made some of it 😀 hehe.. You can find the tutorial of how to make plushie in youtube easily, and i recommended you to check HapyFriendsShoppe channel. It has the cutest plushie tutorial and also give us the template of it that really helpful for us.

And now i will show you some plushies that i made 😀






Yeah i know, this little devil lost one of his teeth~


Oke, that are some plushies that i made, aren’t they really cute? >< Most of the plushies above are based from tutorial in HapyFriendsShoppe channel ^^ And i also want to tell you that two days ago, my friends and i got chance to teach the orphaned children how to make plushie. It was a really fun experience. I was really happy and proud because my friends and i managed to did that.


Learned something and able to teach it to someone else especially the orphaned children is really meaningful to me. So keep sharing and loving, guys ^^


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