My 3rd Birthday Wishes


Here it is another birthday wishes and that’s mean tomorrow  will be my birthday ^^ Yap, tomorrow i will turn 16!



Ok, honestly, i’m not that excited about my birthday and yeah i think this is the first time in my life i don’t feel excited about my birthday. Well, maybe because tomorrow doesn’t look that great. No plan, no one (even my family need to go somewhere, so i will go to school and then all alone in my home) , nothing beside my math exam and boring things i should do. And that’s kind a make me sad. But, yeah whatever.

So for my wishes this year are…….,ummmmm…., i think i just hope i can have a happy and fun life, and become a stronger girl that can face every problems in my life. Because i realize that i become older and i will meet more people, more real problems, and also all of complicated and unpredictable things. Yeah, i need to be more mature ~

Then, wish all the best for me and stay positive that tomorrow will be a nice day ^^


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