Talk 70 – 16th Birthday


Yap, today i am a sixteen teenage girl, which is not very different of being fifteen, but however it’s kind a make me excited that i can get license and official identify card next year 😀 Well, sometime i feels i don’t want to grow up but then i realize that grow up is lead us to adventurous path, and it’s not always be a smooth path, it will hard to pass but that is the adventurous thing that will make us learn and teach us how to face problems and be a better person 😀

I have many memories that i will always remember when i was fifteen. It was a great year, i felt many emotions and it was wonderful^^ And this year i turn sixteen, i in my first senior high school year, and i hope it will be a wonderful year too 😀

Today is not bad at all, well it was tiring, but it’s okay because i enjoyed it ^^ I felt very grateful for birthday wishes i got from my family and my friends. My parents gave me presents and my brother gave me some cute little things from Scoop that i really love ❤ My family and i had dinner in restaurant, and tomorrow i will eat with my bestieeesss in Burger and Grill.

So, happy birthday to me, and this is what i want to say to myself :

It’s okay to be sad when life gets hard, but make sure to smile again and stay positive, every problem will solved in time, just be patient and again, STAY POSITIVE. It’s okay, it will be okay. Keep work hard and enjoy your life. They will always someone that love you and god will always with you. You’re 16 but you don’t need to act as a mature girl, just be yourself and make sure to do the right things and avoid the wrong things. LOVE YOU  AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY<3


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