Talk 75 – Two Years Remains!


And after six months passed since my last talk, i want to announce that i successfully and proudly finished my first year in senior high school!

Hualaaaaaa~ Let’s jump from the bridge and drown in the sea 😀 Oke, that’s random, and actually i just talk about the picture above, i don’t actually want to jump from the bridge or drown in the sea. No.

So, i almost in the end of my holiday and i am really sad. Holiday is never enough for me. Because i don’t really like being busy and the first year in senior high school got me frustrated. It was because i had soooo many schedules, sooo many things to do, and all of it were soooo tiring. But, however, the good thing of being busy is made my brain organized and i didn’t think too much about anything that doesn’t really need to think about.

And because i was busy, i did many productive things and got more new experiences. So, if i think about it again, although everything was tiring, it all worth it 😀

Oke, what else?

Hmm..,in the next few days i will become a senior, and, hahaha, i just hope i can go through anything on my way to the unpredictable future ^^

Hwaiting Gladis and also everyone in your school days! Stay positive 365 days a year!! :*

Ps : Yes, i did many productive things in my first year of senior high school, but, no, my holiday is just sooo unproductive. I just lying around on my bed, watching movies in my laptop, online, eat, go to bathroom, sleep, sleep, and sleep. No shame.


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