Talk 76 – One Book Every Two Months

Ok first, i want to tell you that i have a big interest in stories. I love reading and writing stories. As you can tell if you look at my fanfiction library in this blog, i had wrote some stories that i shared so anyone can read them and tell me about their opinion. And the story i wrote that i most proud of is My Silver, it’s a romance fantasy about vampire, but not an actual vampire, it is a new creature called Vernald. You can read it if you want to, i will really appreciate that 😀

My favorite authors are Phillip Pullman and Cassandra Clare. Before, when i was younger i used to love comics. But, Phillip Pullman is the first one who made me fall in love with novels. His book, Golden Compass series completely blew my mind. I really love it, i’ve read the triology and his other books like Clockwork and The Firework’s Maker Daughter. After that i start to moved on from comics to novel. I have read such a thick book since i was eleven or twelve years old. And the story that i love the most right now is The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare. GOSH, I can’t describe how much i love the stories. The storyline is more than amazing and each characters are make me crazy by their awesomeness. Ok. I just gonna simply that THIS STORY IS PERFECTION. Include the presquel, Infernal Devices, aaaaaaaaaahhhh, love it love it love it!!!!!!

Other story that i remember the most are The Alchemist series by Michael Scott, TUNNELS series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, The Magician Guild series by Trudi Canavan, off course, The Hunger Game series by Suzanne Collins, there are a looooooot books i love !!!!

But, in 2013, i was stop buying novels because my parents didn’t let me (they told me to read my school books than reading novels, ssdasjadhsajda -,-) And also because i used my money for something else so i don’t have enough money to buy novels. Then this year, i start to read novels again. Because, after a year forget about another world in books, i finally realized that i missed them. And with all of stupid problems i had, books are my best escapement.

Today i bought a new novel, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpartick, all of the four series already published in Indonesia. It’s about an angle that fall in love with a human. And i need to read it now to know more.

Starting for today, i made a decision, to let my self bought a new novel every the end of two months. So i don’t spend my money at once, i will save my pocket money first specially to buy new novel. It means, i should wait for the next two months until i can read the second book of Hush Hush. Well, that’s fine, two months it’s not that long. Well, it can be long for a curious girl. But, whatever, i will wait. I will.

Oh, right now i totally wait for The Infernal Device : Clockwork Princess and The Mortal Instrument : City of Heavenly Fire !!!!!!! I hope it will release in Indonesia SUPER SOOOOONNN!!!!!!! ❤ ❤


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