Talk 77 – DIY Pencil Cups

I don’t usually post my DIY stuff, but because i really happy with the result i decided to show you this 😀

Last night, i did a little DIY project. I actually wanted to do this since forever ago but i keep procrastinating until i finally finished it last night. So, i made two pencil cups. The first one is from ice cream cup, it was really easy and fun to made.


The first thing i did was layered the based or the outer part of cup with glue, and maybe as you can tell, after that i just wrapped a pink yarn around it. I used many yarns until i finally covered every outer part of the cup. It was really easy, because the yarn doesn’t fall of and if it little loose we can just glue it again. Then the last thing i did was wrapped a black ribbon on the top, and tadaaaaahh it’s cute and it’s simple and i love it ❤

For the second cup, i used oreo mini cup and if you don’t know, i love oreo so much, soooo much~

Hehe..,it’s kinda unique doesn’t it? I honestly really love it and really proud of it 😀

At first, i planned to just wrapped all part of the cup with black ribbon. But, suddenly i got this idea, i took some stuffing that i usually uses to make my soft toy, then glued it on the bottom. Hualaaa it’s look like a cloud. And for the wings, hahaha, it was Patch’s wings, i’m the one who repealed his wings, haha!!!!

Oke, i clearly lied, how can i’m the one who repealed his wings? I’ll die -,-

The wings actually a bookmark that i got from Hush Hush novel, it is the cutest bookmark that i ever got, and it’s match with the cup so i just glued it, and done! My Hush Hush theme pencil cup is finish! And if you don’t have the bookmark, you can just search for the picture or the template in the internet than print it out, it will also look cool because you can adjust the size of the wings as you want to.

Allright, hope you like it!^^


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