Talk 78 – Happiness In Little Things


I just realized that since a long time ago, i didn’t really appreciate little enjoyable things in my life. But since few days ago, i start to feels really grateful because my mood can easily light up by the little things around me. I instantly smile because of yummy chocolate cake, a super delicious pizza cheese, a greeting from my junior, nice songs, and a great story i read before i sleep.

My body feels light and the hole in my chest finally start to filled up. Some people said time heal everything and the other said time just make us get used of things we carry in our life. Maybe one of that is true, or both of the opinions are true. I think both of them are true. However, i doing really well these days. My school stuff and everything well organized and i can feel myself try to be good to others, and glad that i did. I start to likes give compliment to others about everything. It can be about their talent in drawing, about their beautiful eyes, smile, and everything. I believe confident also come from people all around us and i want to be part of people that help the other to feel confident. Because i have been in time where i just hate my insecurities so much and keep compare my self to someone else. I know we doesn’t need someone else to tell us that no one in this world perfect and we’re unique and beautiful in our own way. But however, it’s always nice to have someone that tell you what they love about you. Because it makes us learn that what we called insecurities in our self not always look as insecurities in others point of view. After all you really just need to believe that we’re not that bad, we’re not perfect, there are bunch of girls and boys out there that more beautiful, smart, rich, talented, popular, and everything than us. But we are who we are and we can’t change that at least we end up become fake that we shouldn’t be.

We have our own path to find our confident and it takes time. I’m still in my time right now and all the little things around me help me a lot. I pray that everyone and i will keep in peace and happy. And i have this motto that i got from Jay Park since two years ago : Work Hard and Enjoy Your Life.


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