Talk 80 – Books That I Got In The Past Two Months



I’ve just finished my exam week yesterday and i finally can update my blog. So in my ‘Talk 76’, i wrote that i planned to buy one book every two months. But, yeah, i totally failed to do that. Because taraaaaaaaaaa~ in the past two months i ended up bought four books!!


So, the first book i bought in the end of August is ‘Masque of the Red Death’ by Bethany Griffin. I bought this book because it was in discount so i got it for only Rp. 20.000,00 😀 Discount books is couldn’t be denied by me. And since that day, i knew that i wouldn’t stay in my plan to only buy one book in two months. But, i said to myself that, ‘it’s okay discount book is an exception’.

For a point i gave to ‘Masque of the Red Death’ is 2.5 out of 5. Well, i know it’s not a very good score, because i think it is the book that not very good or not very bad. The idea it’s very great and unique. It’s about kind of virus that spread around the air and the only way to not get infected is to always wears a special mask that very expensive so only rich people can get it. The main character is Araby a daughter of an inventor of the mask. She had this bad memories of loosing his older brother, and blame her self for his lost. One day, her bestfriend suddenly gone and one guy showed up and asked for her help to make more masks for poor people and their kids. They wanted to overthrow the king’s power so they can creating a more equitable life. Also, there’s other guy, who’s hot and lovable and got Araby attention. So much things happens in this story and it’s so complicated. But the thing is, the story doesn’t really make me addicted, but it’s good story to read between classes 😀 I searched online and found out that the book had squel, but i don’t think it’s published in indonesia. But, if it already published and i see the book in bookstore, maybe i will buy it.

The second book i bought or i should say the next two books i bought in same time is ‘Crescendo’ by Becca Fitzpartrick and ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman. Crescendo is the second book of Hush Hush series, and i gave 4 out of 5 points because the book succeed to drive me crazy. Path and Nora relationship is really drives me crazy. I don’t think it’s a romantic relationship, because Nora always acts so sensitive and everything and she really annoys me sometimes. And actually i had a bestfriend that acts just like Nora, so i totally understand Vee’s feelings. But what i really loves is how Patch always try to take care of Nora although she didn’t realize it. Aaaah~ i really need a guardian angle~

Next, is If I Stay!! Aaaaaaahhhh, i can’t imagine what will i do if i’m the one in Mia’s position. Loosing all of her family in one day. But, i feels really grateful for Mia because she got this chance by her Out of Body Experience to see that she has many people who really loves her and pray for her life. I give 4.5 out of 5 points for this book. This is not very long story but made me cried more than three times. And Mia’s boyfriend gave me more fantasy about perfect boyfriend that never be born in earth.

At first i went to bookstore to only buy Crescendo, but when i looked around, i suddenly saw this If I Stay novel. I saw the movie trailer before and so excited for it because i have interest in Out of Body Experience. I wrote about OBE in one of my fanfiction and i kinda want to experience it. The book is not too expensive, and i really wanted to read it before i watch the movie. Beside, the Crescendo novel was in 20% discount. So, yeah, i just picked it up and brought both of the book to cashier.

Next is THE INFERNAL DEVICES : CLOCKWORK PRINCESS !!!!!!!!! HUWAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! Is it really need for me to explain why i bought this novel?! GOSH! Off course i ordered this book since the first day the pre order was opened. I already waited for this novel since forever ago, and i just aaaarrgghhh THE INFERNAL DEVICES SERIES ARE SOOOOO AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! IT’S 1000000 OUT OF 5 POINT!!!! SOOOO LOVE IT!!!! I was doing an acrobat moves on my bed while reading thing novel. Every chapters, every moments are so precious and important. All the characters made my heart keep jumping. And the ending, the epilog, aaaaarrghhhh it’s so goood. Cassandra Clare is totally amazing. The ending made all the three books worth it. It’s PERFECT. Gosh, i can’t wait for City of Heavenly Fire Indonesia version to come out.

Oke, i know i totally made my own plan failed. But every books i bought in the past two months were worth to read, and i still wanted to buy more books. And i really hope i can get more money to buy more book. Yeah, i know, i spend so much money for books but never get enough. And off course i can’t promise anymore to only buy one book in two months. That’s totally no way. Haha..,beside i already planed to buy two novels, they are (off course) Hush Hush’s third book ‘Silence’ by Becca Fitzpatrick and the novel that just came out in the end of September ‘The Darkest Minds’ by Alexandra Bracken.

I wish i can get more money so i can really buy that two novels, haha 😀


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