Talk 82 – The Perks Of Being Wallflower’s Quotes

I had watched the movie last year, but i didn’t really get the story. I knew that the movie is based from a popular novel, but that time, i watched the movie because there were so many good looking people in it, a.k.a Logan Lerman ❤ , Emma Watson, and even Nina Dobrev.

But few days ago i started to read The Perks of Being Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky from e-book, because i couldn’t find the book in Indonesia. In this novel, we reads the story from letter that the main character, Charlie, wrote for his friend. Who he called ‘friend’ is actually us who read it.

I captured some of the quotes that i feels related to and important to remember.



I was finished the e-book this afternoon in my school and the story effected me a lot. Because after i had read the last letter in the novel, i felt sad, and i was worried about Charlie but i also felt grateful for him. It’s kind a hard to explain but how it’s always feels great when a character in a novel feels really alive for me and i could really related to them, although i never really experience the things the character going through. But, however i understand and care about them.


And every story that i had read, makes me think more and gave me virtual experiences that feels special, especially this book. Charlie is a truly special character that will teach you a lot about how important to be kind to others because you know that yourself wanted to be treated kindly by others.


I rewatched the movie tonight and i watched it differently than before. Because right know, i knew more details about the characters. And i was more understand about what was in Charlie’s mind. Because in the movie, Charlie (Logan Lerman) doesn’t talk a lot, which is played correctly by Logan, but still confused me to understanding the storyline when i hadn’t read the book before.


The cast was perfectly chosen for the movie. And sure it’s kind a different from the real story in the novel, but it’s still great and only the people who had read the book will be understand the feelings and the story behind every scenes in the movie.


When i watched the movie tonight, i could hear what Charlie wrote in his letter in my mind when i watched the scenes in the movie. Like when i watched the scene where he saw his sister been beaten by her boyfriend, and in my head i could hear how Charlie told about it in his letter. That kind of things happens in other few scenes.


Books really are a very good company for me right now.


And The Perks of Being Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a truly great story, i like it so much ^^


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