My 4th Birthday Wishes

Hai! This is me, the girl who was born in November 2nd, which means, tomorrow is my birthday. And! It will be my 17th Birthday! The age that i always wants.

You know, because we can get the ID Card, the driver license, and we’re officially approved as an adult. And i thought it is cool when someone ask how old i am, and i can answer ‘I am Seventeen’, because, yeah, seventeen is cool.

But, well, right know i’m not really sure is being and adult is cool or not. Maybe it is cool but it is really hard too. Because anyone else will be less understandable with our mistakes, and that’s not cool. I still makes a lot of mistakes and i don’t feel being an adult at all, i don’t feel the differences of being sixteen and seventeen. But, i had read that we’re being seventeen when we’re going to be eighteen, and so on, like we’re being eighteen when we’re going to be nineteen. Which means, in the year we turn out to be seventeen, we’re not directly be a seventeen years old person. But at that time, we’re studying to behave as a seventeen years old person and maybe we did it at the end of the year then be ready to face another age we got. So, starting from tomorrow i will start my lessons and hopefully be success of being seventeen years old girl.

However, i still can’t drive a car so i will not get my drivers license in the near time. BUT I WILL GET IT! I WILL!! I’m sick of driving motorcycle, hkkkkk

So in the past three years, i wrote my birthday wishes every 1st November, but i can’t really think about it today. You know, because all i want are, off course, be happy and successful, but i don’t have any special think i want. OH, I WANT A WELL REST TIME! Because the past year was so tiring and i already looks like a zombie T-T And also need a quality time with my family and friends.

My plans for tomorrow is really simple. I only invited my bestfriends of all time (four people) to my house to eat simple menu my mom cooked. And spend time talking to each other because we haven’t meet for ages and we really need to catch up with each other life. And maybe we’ll go to eat some frozen yoghurt and i think that’s all. It is really simple, right? But that’s all i really wanted and i miss my bestfriends so much, so i really excited to meet them tomorrow!

Right now, i need to stay alive until the next three and half hours to truly reached my seventeen year. Good luck for me!


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