Talk 83 – Rainy Days Playlist

Other thing i love about November beside it’s my birthday month, it’s that November is the month of rainy weather started. I love rainy days so much because it brings joy and peace in me. The chilly weather brings up my mood. I like to wears warm clothes and warm foods, also listening to nice musics. And i have this idea to share my favorite songs to hear in rainy days, i hope you guys who read it like it! ❤

1. Taylor Swift – Clean

“..just because you’re clean don’t mean  you miss it..”

2. Ed Sheeran – Cold Coffee

“ can stay with me forever or you can stay with me for now..”

3. Ed Sheeran – Lego House

“..and out off all these things i’ve done i think i love you better now..”

4. Keith Urban – Little Bit Of Everything

“..i just wanna little bit of everything, nananana~ ..”

5. Kodaline – High Hopes

“..but the world keeps spinning around..”

6. Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne – Rather Be

“..when i’m with you there’s no place i’d rather be..”

I don’t know if my music list really match the mood of rainy days or not, but this is the list of musics i love to hear in rainy days although only Clean by Taylor Swift that mention something about rain, haha..


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