Talk 84 – Books That I Got In The Past Two Months #2

IMG_1377So, when i was planned to only buy two books in two months, i ended up bought four books. But, when i was planned to buy four books, i ended up bought two books. Yes, there’s something wrong with me.

However, this last two months, i bought two books, they were Paper Towns by John Green, and The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson. Both of the books written by very famous writers.

The first book i bought was Paper Towns. First of all, i love the cover so much, it is really great, really beautiful, and artistic. I saw the original cover before, and i didn’t like it at all, i like Martin Dima’s design more. And for the story, wel, i’m not that kind of girl who like this kind of genre story. Maybe because i’m not a very intelligent person, and i thought that this kind of story is for intelligent person. The story is not bad, but i just couldn’t connect with it. And for the score i gave for this book is two out of five. Ergh, not a very great score, but, well, that’s my opinion about this book.

Next, The Bane Chronicles!! I can’t even aksdaldjdkajdkasdjsadjaj!!

I didn’t plan to buy this book before because it’s kinda expensive but i ended up bought it anyway. And i bought it online so a certain delivery man should deliver it to my home. But something horrible happened. I came home late that day, and this was what i found..


It was ruined, super wet, and dirty!!! And i was cried!! Gosh i even screamed!!! I was really shock and i kinda angry, and i tell you that my reaction was normal, i was not overreacted, because i am a book lover that keeps my books clean and neat for years. So, when i got my new and expensive book with that kind of condition, it was really freaking me out. My mom was the one who accepted it from the delivery man, and he told my mom that he got some accident with his motorcycle and it was rain so the book was fall and became like that. He said that he will paid half of the book price and left his phone number for me to call, because i haven’t home yet when he came.

But, well, i didn’t call him to make him pay half of my book price, thanks god, i didn’t that evil. Instead, i tried to dry my book with hair dryer then i put it in the refrigerator, and did anything else to make the book better. And yeah, it did get better. I also can still read it comfortably.

Move on to the story. The story is AMAZING. SWEET. CUTE. FUNNY. SAD. UNIQUE. PERFECT.

DUH! Love the sparkling Magnus Bane and long live the shadowhunter! I don’t mind and i even thankful if Cassandra Clare decided to make a hundred novels about shadowhunter world. Because i already knew the characters really well, and i could felt that i became part of the story, and it was amazing. Every stories in The Bane Chronicles are important and makes us more understand about all the history behind each characters in The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices series. The book was really fun to read. My favorite stories are The Midnight Heir and First Date. Magnus and Alec is the best gay couple ever, haha! The score for the book is 100 out of five! Yoohoo!!


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