Talk 86 – The End Of 2014


Okay, so today is the last day of 2014. Time flies really fast, this year was crazy. There are so many things happened and i learned so much and got so many new experiences. Well, i think i can say that this year was the most productive year i ever had. Because it was the year of me became a senior high school student and i decided to join an organization in school. That means i always be a part of event that be hold in school. So i spent so many time to raised funds and prepared stuffs for the events. I came to many schools and met many students there. And in my school, i knew more people including my seniors and juniors. Which is great, because in junior high school i was never care of seniors or juniors in my school, i only have few people that i close with and didn’t have interest to know more about other people. I kinda proud of my self because i could be more sociable than before, because that was one of my target that i wanted to reach in senior high school.

Yeah, so, the thing that kept me busy this year mostly was school activities, which is surprisingly not that suck. Because i could see the differences between people that joined school organization and they are who not. School organization made my mind organized, made me more mature in making decision, made me knew how to react to many kind of different personalities, and made me more appreciate the time that i have. There are many advantages that i got from school organization, although it was tiring, and i hope i can keep up with my organization until i graduated from senior high school.

What else should i write? Ummm..,there is no boy this year, obviously. And i’m totally fine with it, well, actually is kinda terrified me when some boys gave a signal to be in relationship more than friend or something, because i don’t want it at all. I don’t want any drama. I hope i can keep stay away from drama or girlfriend boyfriend relationship until i graduated from senior high school, except the boy who show up is Thomas Sangster or Dylan O’Brien or Logan Lerman, which is obviously impossible.

And i am really happy because i returned to my old hobby that was novels reading. I have no idea how the past few years i could stop reading novels, i was really weird. My favorite novels that i have read this year was The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare and Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, also The Maze Runner by James Dashner. And i am still very upset because Where Rainbows End movie a.k.a Love, Rosie didn’t show up in Indonesia and i still couldn’t find it online. I want to watch it so bad, why the hell i couldn’t find it online?!

My movie of the year i believe is The Maze Runner. I just so in love with the stories and the cast in the movie. Gosh, i love it so much! Well, they are so many good movies that came up this year like Mocking Jay Part 1, If I Stay, THE FAULT IN OUR STAR, Fury, Divergent, there are a lot!

But you know, my ultimate favorite movie that i never boring of is Death Note from years ago and now The Maze Runner is join the list. I can wait for the next movie, The Scorch Trials, ndjsahdda totally excited!!

I also very grateful because i still with my four bestfriends, i wish i can always be with them until the end of my life, seriously, i love them so much. It is really hard to find bestfriend these days, and i don’t want to lost these incredible annoying people from my life.

Plus, i turned 17 this year but i still haven’t got license, well, i still can’t drive car, i know, the shame in me. But, i definitely will get it in 2015! And, you know what?! I have cut my hair short few days ago! I never cut my hair short since ten years ago. At first, i just want to cut a bit of my hair, and suddenly this idea to get my hair shorter than ever came up and i was courage myself to get a risk to cut my hair shorter. I said to myself that it’s okay if it turn up bad because my hair will grow sooner, but it was ended up looks really great! I loved it! I don’t know i will love my short hair, but i did, no regret at all! Yash!

My 2014 diary doesn’t going really well, i was to lazy to write in it. But i bought a new one for 2015 and i don’t want to be lazy in 2015, aamin!

My quotes for 2014 is to ‘Be Positive 365 Days a Year’

And my quotes for 2015 that i made myself from all lessons that i got in 2014 is

“Don’t Let Your Happiness Depends On Someone Else, Be a Reason Of Your Own Happiness”


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