Talk 87 – Tired.

Actually i want to say that i’m stress out, not just tired. But, i don’t want to be so pessimist, so let’s just say that i’m tired, really really tired. This past few weeks was really tiring for me, there were so many things that i had to do, i didn’t get free time, and the worst is that nobody really understand that i am really tired. And it doesn’t look like everything will get easier in the near time, so i have to hang on a little more.

There are a lot going on in my mind and it is really disturbing. Also, i find it hard to explain what it’s actually i think about to someone else. So it make me want to just hiding under the bed with foods and books. I gained more weight when i feels stress, and it’s suck too. I consider to talk to consular in my school, but it seems suck because it make me feels like a loner. But my friends and family doesn’t look like they will understand what is happening to me. Because i am look fine, but my brain is really doesn’t feel fine. Hkk..,i don’t know. I hope my brain will stop jumping around in my head.


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