Talk 92 – Good Luck to All of My Dreams


How are you, guys? (Whoever who might read this)

I’m doing fine here. It’s less than a month until my final test and only couple of months until I attend collage. Well, honestly I haven’t really prepared for it, but I quite sure I can handle it when the time is come.

I gave up to go to Communication Department to be a reporter, and decided to set my targets to Bioprocess Department or Nutrient Department. Which departments will I take is depends on which university that accepted me.

It’s kind a sad that I walked away from my dream, but I did it because my parents do not approve it and it’s easier for me to get in to Bioprocess or Nutrient Department because I’m in science major in high school. I know the reasons are lame, but I had really considered it and all I hope is for the best.

However, I still hold on to my dream to publish a novel. I haven’t done too much progress on it, but I really want to finish my novel this year, before my 19 birthdays. Also, I just got interested in scriptwriting. I really want to learn more about it.

Scriptwriting is a really hard and amazing job. A movie cannot be a good movie without a good story even though it’s have the best directors and the best actor or actress. And the one who handle the based story of the movie is scriptwriter. The scriptwriter has such an important role. The scriptwriter it’s likes a starter of a movie, the beginning of the process.

How amazing it feels when you can see the story in your mind made into a real life story and put on a big screen where anyone who willing to pay can watch it? It will be beyond amazing. Gosh, I really want to do it. I really really want to do it.

I know it’s going to be hard. Because I have to learn to write the script by my self and nobody I know who can teach me (except internet), but I’ll try to make one. I already got an idea, the title is ‘Umbrella Boy’. It’s a very simple story. And I’ll just try to make it step by step after learning all the basics of writing a script. The main point is to do my best.

So, good luck to all of my dreams!



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