Talk 92 – Good Luck to All of My Dreams


How are you, guys? (Whoever who might read this)

I’m doing fine here. It’s less than a month until my final test and only couple of months until I attend collage. Well, honestly I haven’t really prepared for it, but I quite sure I can handle it when the time is come.

I gave up to go to Communication Department to be a reporter, and decided to set my targets to Bioprocess Department or Nutrient Department. Which departments will I take is depends on which university that accepted me.

It’s kind a sad that I walked away from my dream, but I did it because my parents do not approve it and it’s easier for me to get in to Bioprocess or Nutrient Department because I’m in science major in high school. I know the reasons are lame, but I had really considered it and all I hope is for the best.

However, I still hold on to my dream to publish a novel. I haven’t done too much progress on it, but I really want to finish my novel this year, before my 19 birthdays. Also, I just got interested in scriptwriting. I really want to learn more about it.

Scriptwriting is a really hard and amazing job. A movie cannot be a good movie without a good story even though it’s have the best directors and the best actor or actress. And the one who handle the based story of the movie is scriptwriter. The scriptwriter has such an important role. The scriptwriter it’s likes a starter of a movie, the beginning of the process.

How amazing it feels when you can see the story in your mind made into a real life story and put on a big screen where anyone who willing to pay can watch it? It will be beyond amazing. Gosh, I really want to do it. I really really want to do it.

I know it’s going to be hard. Because I have to learn to write the script by my self and nobody I know who can teach me (except internet), but I’ll try to make one. I already got an idea, the title is ‘Umbrella Boy’. It’s a very simple story. And I’ll just try to make it step by step after learning all the basics of writing a script. The main point is to do my best.

So, good luck to all of my dreams!



Talk 87 – Tired.

Actually i want to say that i’m stress out, not just tired. But, i don’t want to be so pessimist, so let’s just say that i’m tired, really really tired. This past few weeks was really tiring for me, there were so many things that i had to do, i didn’t get free time, and the worst is that nobody really understand that i am really tired. And it doesn’t look like everything will get easier in the near time, so i have to hang on a little more.

There are a lot going on in my mind and it is really disturbing. Also, i find it hard to explain what it’s actually i think about to someone else. So it make me want to just hiding under the bed with foods and books. I gained more weight when i feels stress, and it’s suck too. I consider to talk to consular in my school, but it seems suck because it make me feels like a loner. But my friends and family doesn’t look like they will understand what is happening to me. Because i am look fine, but my brain is really doesn’t feel fine. Hkk..,i don’t know. I hope my brain will stop jumping around in my head.

Talk 84 – Books That I Got In The Past Two Months #2

IMG_1377So, when i was planned to only buy two books in two months, i ended up bought four books. But, when i was planned to buy four books, i ended up bought two books. Yes, there’s something wrong with me.

However, this last two months, i bought two books, they were Paper Towns by John Green, and The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson. Both of the books written by very famous writers.

The first book i bought was Paper Towns. First of all, i love the cover so much, it is really great, really beautiful, and artistic. I saw the original cover before, and i didn’t like it at all, i like Martin Dima’s design more. And for the story, wel, i’m not that kind of girl who like this kind of genre story. Maybe because i’m not a very intelligent person, and i thought that this kind of story is for intelligent person. The story is not bad, but i just couldn’t connect with it. And for the score i gave for this book is two out of five. Ergh, not a very great score, but, well, that’s my opinion about this book.

Next, The Bane Chronicles!! I can’t even aksdaldjdkajdkasdjsadjaj!!

I didn’t plan to buy this book before because it’s kinda expensive but i ended up bought it anyway. And i bought it online so a certain delivery man should deliver it to my home. But something horrible happened. I came home late that day, and this was what i found..


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Talk 79 – ‘Love, Rosie’ (Where Rainbows End) Official Movie Trailer

Oke, i should sleep right now, but i just can’t stop looking at this movie trailer. Gosh, i just finished read the the novel, Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern last night, and so excited about the movie. The story is insanely awesome, one of story that i’ll always remember. I know i really late to know about the book, but it was still worth to read. Gosh, I REALLY LOVE IT.

I also love the trailer, because it’s look so cute as it should be. Although i can tell that the movie is different from the novel in some parts, like always. However i still really excited for it. I love Liliy Collins and Sam Claflin, they are perfect. And the soundtracks for the trailer are fit perfectly for the scenes. The soundtracks are Right Place Right Time by Olly Murs and Chocolate by The 1975.

Hffffffttttt….,i really can’t wait for the movie!!!! And i totally absolutely recommended the Where Rainbows End novel for anyone to read. Because this novel is really beautiful, really funny, really annoying, really amazing, it’s everything!!!!! One of best love story i ever read. Gosh, i love it so much.

Alright, i hope the movie is as amazing as my expectation. I need to wait for around two months until the movie come out in Indonesia. I need to be patient, by that time, once again, i told every one of you who haven’t read the book, to read it right now! READ IT!!!!!!! THE STORY WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!! AND MAKE YOU GRATEFUL ABOUT YOUR LIFE! HA!

Ps : I possibly will post the Love, Rosie movie review, after i watch it 😀

Video Credit : LionsgateFilmsUK @YT

Talk 78 – Happiness In Little Things


I just realized that since a long time ago, i didn’t really appreciate little enjoyable things in my life. But since few days ago, i start to feels really grateful because my mood can easily light up by the little things around me. I instantly smile because of yummy chocolate cake, a super delicious pizza cheese, a greeting from my junior, nice songs, and a great story i read before i sleep.

My body feels light and the hole in my chest finally start to filled up. Some people said time heal everything and the other said time just make us get used of things we carry in our life. Maybe one of that is true, or both of the opinions are true. I think both of them are true. However, i doing really well these days. My school stuff and everything well organized and i can feel myself try to be good to others, and glad that i did. I start to likes give compliment to others about everything. It can be about their talent in drawing, about their beautiful eyes, smile, and everything. I believe confident also come from people all around us and i want to be part of people that help the other to feel confident. Because i have been in time where i just hate my insecurities so much and keep compare my self to someone else. I know we doesn’t need someone else to tell us that no one in this world perfect and we’re unique and beautiful in our own way. But however, it’s always nice to have someone that tell you what they love about you. Because it makes us learn that what we called insecurities in our self not always look as insecurities in others point of view. After all you really just need to believe that we’re not that bad, we’re not perfect, there are bunch of girls and boys out there that more beautiful, smart, rich, talented, popular, and everything than us. But we are who we are and we can’t change that at least we end up become fake that we shouldn’t be.

We have our own path to find our confident and it takes time. I’m still in my time right now and all the little things around me help me a lot. I pray that everyone and i will keep in peace and happy. And i have this motto that i got from Jay Park since two years ago : Work Hard and Enjoy Your Life.

Talk 77 – DIY Pencil Cups

I don’t usually post my DIY stuff, but because i really happy with the result i decided to show you this 😀

Last night, i did a little DIY project. I actually wanted to do this since forever ago but i keep procrastinating until i finally finished it last night. So, i made two pencil cups. The first one is from ice cream cup, it was really easy and fun to made.


The first thing i did was layered the based or the outer part of cup with glue, and maybe as you can tell, after that i just wrapped a pink yarn around it. I used many yarns until i finally covered every outer part of the cup. It was really easy, because the yarn doesn’t fall of and if it little loose we can just glue it again. Then the last thing i did was wrapped a black ribbon on the top, and tadaaaaahh it’s cute and it’s simple and i love it ❤

For the second cup, i used oreo mini cup and if you don’t know, i love oreo so much, soooo much~

Hehe..,it’s kinda unique doesn’t it? I honestly really love it and really proud of it 😀

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