Talk 81 – Stuck In Love Movie

I just finished watched Stuck In Love movie, and i think it was awesome. Because actually i love this kind of movie, that just showed a story about people and all the life’s problem and stuff. But in the end, it tells us that everyone just want to be happy and love each other. This movie is honest, with human imperfection, family, relationship, mistakes, lies, stubborn, and some simple moments that become so precious to look back. Love is nice and make you be a better person, and if it doesn’t you can always choose to step back and find or wait for your love that can make you happy.

Some kind of movie that i love with the same genre are Silver Lining Playbook, The Vow, The Last Song, The Perks of Being Wallflower, and much more. Also, i still waiting for ‘Love, Rosie’ movie to play in Indonesia, i had watched the trailer for almost fifty times, wish it come out soon!

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Talk 79 – ‘Love, Rosie’ (Where Rainbows End) Official Movie Trailer

Oke, i should sleep right now, but i just can’t stop looking at this movie trailer. Gosh, i just finished read the the novel, Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern last night, and so excited about the movie. The story is insanely awesome, one of story that i’ll always remember. I know i really late to know about the book, but it was still worth to read. Gosh, I REALLY LOVE IT.

I also love the trailer, because it’s look so cute as it should be. Although i can tell that the movie is different from the novel in some parts, like always. However i still really excited for it. I love Liliy Collins and Sam Claflin, they are perfect. And the soundtracks for the trailer are fit perfectly for the scenes. The soundtracks are Right Place Right Time by Olly Murs and Chocolate by The 1975.

Hffffffttttt….,i really can’t wait for the movie!!!! And i totally absolutely recommended the Where Rainbows End novel for anyone to read. Because this novel is really beautiful, really funny, really annoying, really amazing, it’s everything!!!!! One of best love story i ever read. Gosh, i love it so much.

Alright, i hope the movie is as amazing as my expectation. I need to wait for around two months until the movie come out in Indonesia. I need to be patient, by that time, once again, i told every one of you who haven’t read the book, to read it right now! READ IT!!!!!!! THE STORY WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!! AND MAKE YOU GRATEFUL ABOUT YOUR LIFE! HA!

Ps : I possibly will post the Love, Rosie movie review, after i watch it 😀

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