Talk 93 – Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


It’s been a long time since I talk about books, it’s not quite a review, because I will not talk about the story line or anything like that. I just want to write my opinion about the ending of this novel ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes.

I just finished this novel and the story really effects me a lot. It’s spoiler alert!

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Talk 92 – Good Luck to All of My Dreams


How are you, guys? (Whoever who might read this)

I’m doing fine here. It’s less than a month until my final test and only couple of months until I attend collage. Well, honestly I haven’t really prepared for it, but I quite sure I can handle it when the time is come.

I gave up to go to Communication Department to be a reporter, and decided to set my targets to Bioprocess Department or Nutrient Department. Which departments will I take is depends on which university that accepted me.

It’s kind a sad that I walked away from my dream, but I did it because my parents do not approve it and it’s easier for me to get in to Bioprocess or Nutrient Department because I’m in science major in high school. I know the reasons are lame, but I had really considered it and all I hope is for the best.

However, I still hold on to my dream to publish a novel. I haven’t done too much progress on it, but I really want to finish my novel this year, before my 19 birthdays. Also, I just got interested in scriptwriting. I really want to learn more about it.

Scriptwriting is a really hard and amazing job. A movie cannot be a good movie without a good story even though it’s have the best directors and the best actor or actress. And the one who handle the based story of the movie is scriptwriter. The scriptwriter has such an important role. The scriptwriter it’s likes a starter of a movie, the beginning of the process.

How amazing it feels when you can see the story in your mind made into a real life story and put on a big screen where anyone who willing to pay can watch it? It will be beyond amazing. Gosh, I really want to do it. I really really want to do it.

I know it’s going to be hard. Because I have to learn to write the script by my self and nobody I know who can teach me (except internet), but I’ll try to make one. I already got an idea, the title is ‘Umbrella Boy’. It’s a very simple story. And I’ll just try to make it step by step after learning all the basics of writing a script. The main point is to do my best.

So, good luck to all of my dreams!


My 5th Birthday Wishes

Here I am, an 18 years old girl! I should write this post one day before my birthday, but I didn’t. Because, I just don’t have enough motivation to write it, I don’t know why, but that’s why I haven’t posted anything in this blog since forever.

Well, because it’s only past a half hour since my birthday, I’ll start to write it now. There are three things that I really want to achieve in eighteen, there are to get into a great collage, to actually write a novel until the end, and to highlight my hair purple.

Other than that, all I want are to get more friends and amazing experiences in life. I will try hard to be more mature and motivate myself to achieve more and become a better person. Bismillah

Ps : I feel really old

[Talk 91] I Won For The 2nd Time


Hai! It’s been a while since my last post. How you guys doing? I had done my final exam, so i have more free time these days 😀

After i won in writing contest for the first time before, i get excited to join more competition. I already joined two competition, the first one is a competition to write short story about befriend with environment. The other one is Japanese Fanfiction competition. And i’m really proud to say that i won one of them, that is the fanfiction competition. I am really excited because i believe the last time i got a trophy is when i was in 4th grade, which is seven years ago! Yay!

I learned that to really get attention of a reader from short story, is we have to make a great plot twist, that make the story is not easy to forget. So, i right now i’m in the process to learn more about how to make a great plot twist 😀 I will keep join another writing competition, so wish me luck!

Talk 90 – Resensi Novel ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Hai! Untuk pertama kalinya nih, aku akan posting mengenai resensi buku. Sebelumnya memang pernah sih, nge review buku, tapi cuma sekilas – sekilas dan lebih banyak fangirling nya, hehehe.. Nah kali ini aku coba untuk membuat resensi yang sesungguhnya.

Tapi aku mau curhat sedikit dulu nih, sebelum mulai ke topik utama. Jadi buku yang satu ini, udah pengen aku beli sejak open PO. Tapi keadaan dompet lagi melarat banget, banyak pengeluaran, uang cepet habis dalam sekejap, tabungan juga udah habis dari sebulan lalu. Hfftt..,akhirnya harus ditahan dulu dan coba ikut kuis siapa tau dapet gratis. Tapi gagal L Dan pada suatu malam pas mau ikut kuis lagi di Facebook, tiba – tiba mama yang H-1 ulang tahun ngasih rejeki. Yuhuuu..,langsung deh beli buku ini! Oke, curhat selesai. 😀 hehe


– A Unique Girl With The Flying Letters –

 Judul                          : To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Pengarang                 : Jenny Han

Penerjemah               : Airien Kusumawardani

Penerbit                     : Penerbit Spring

Tahun Terbit               : April 2015

Jumlah Halaman        : 380

Harga                          : Rp. 64.000,00

ISBN                           : 978 – 602 – 71505 – 1 – 5




Menyimpan surat – surat cintanya di sebuah kotak topi pemberian ibunya.

            Surat – surat itu bukan surat cinta yang ditunjukkan untuknya, tapi surat yang ia tulis. Ada satu surat untuk setiap cowok yang pernah ia cintai –totalnya ada lima pucuk surat. Setiap kali menulis, ia mencurahkan semua perasaannya. Ia menulis seolah – olah mereka tidak akan pernah membacanya karena surat itu memang hanya untuk dirinya sendiri.


            Sampai suatu hari, semua surat – surat rahasianya itu tanpa sengaja terkirimkan –entah oleh siapa.


            Saat itu juga, kehidupan cinta Lara Jean yang awalnya biasa – biasa saja menjadi tak terkendali. Kekacauan itu melibatkan semua cowok yang pernah ia tulis di surat cintanya –termasuk cinta pertamanya, pacar kakaknya, dan cowok terkeren di sekolah.

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Talk 89 – I WON!


Hello, there! Is there anyone here who read my short story ‘Hey, Stephen’ ? Well, if you haven’t, you better read it, because unexpectedly my short story got the first place in the contest! Wohoo!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.22.57 AM

I am very very happy to won it, because i never join writing contest before and won the first place for the first time i joined it was incredible. I am very happy and very proud, and it is really boost my confidence to write more. And thank you for Asya Azalea and Irin Sintriana for appreciated my work and gave me this prizes

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.24.03 PM

I hope it’s not the first and the last time i win writing contest, so wish me luck that i will success in another writing contest that i planed to join 😀

Talk 88 – Love, Rosie Movie

Yes, everybody! After seven months of waiting i finally got to watch the Love, Rosie movie! And yeah, I feels happy because of it but honestly i’m not that satisfied with the movie. I think it’s because my expectation for the movie is too high and i’m too in love with the novel. Because from what i see, there are so many things going on in the novel, but so little that being told in the movie. It feels like i’m watching trailer for every chapter in the novel. I understand it will be too complicated to accurately follow the story in the novel, because the movie will be like five hours long. And, maybe the movie is a great summary of the novel for people who didn’t read it. However, i’m still really glad that the novel got chance to turn into a movie, so that will be more people who know how good the story is. For 5 stars score, i give this movie 2.5 stars 😀 By the way, Lily Collins and Sam Claflin did a very great job! ❤