[Short Story] Hey, Stephen!


Hai! Aku tulis cerita ini dalam rangka ikutan #MyLoveStroyQuiz dari Asya Azalea dan Irin Sintriani. Berhubung aku memang swifties sejak bertahun – tahun lalu, nulis cerita ini jadi ngga terasa beban. Simple memang, tapi karna terinspirasi dari salah satu lagu favorite aku dari Taylor Swift, nulis nya pun jadi asyik 😀 Wish me luck!


“Hanna, bagaimana menurutmu?”

Aku tidak perlu mendongak dari monitor kecil pada kamera untuk menyadari pandangan orang – orang yang tertuju padaku, menunggu jawaban, aku mengangkat bahu,

“Dia terlihat terlalu tampan”

Suasana hening yang datang tiba – tiba membuatku menyadari betapa bodohnya jawaban itu. Aku mengerjap, lalu menegakkan tubuh untuk memandang orang – orang di sekitarku,

“Kalian mengerti, kan, apa maksudku” Ujarku dengan senyum canda, “Pada scene yang tadi, Stephen baru saja dikejar – kejar paparazi, dan hampir mati tertabrak truk. Seharusnya dia tidak terlihat tampan, kan? Bagaimana bisa orang yang hampir mati terlihat tampan?”

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Talk 87 – Tired.

Actually i want to say that i’m stress out, not just tired. But, i don’t want to be so pessimist, so let’s just say that i’m tired, really really tired. This past few weeks was really tiring for me, there were so many things that i had to do, i didn’t get free time, and the worst is that nobody really understand that i am really tired. And it doesn’t look like everything will get easier in the near time, so i have to hang on a little more.

There are a lot going on in my mind and it is really disturbing. Also, i find it hard to explain what it’s actually i think about to someone else. So it make me want to just hiding under the bed with foods and books. I gained more weight when i feels stress, and it’s suck too. I consider to talk to consular in my school, but it seems suck because it make me feels like a loner. But my friends and family doesn’t look like they will understand what is happening to me. Because i am look fine, but my brain is really doesn’t feel fine. Hkk..,i don’t know. I hope my brain will stop jumping around in my head.

Talk 86 – The End Of 2014


Okay, so today is the last day of 2014. Time flies really fast, this year was crazy. There are so many things happened and i learned so much and got so many new experiences. Well, i think i can say that this year was the most productive year i ever had. Because it was the year of me became a senior high school student and i decided to join an organization in school. That means i always be a part of event that be hold in school. So i spent so many time to raised funds and prepared stuffs for the events. I came to many schools and met many students there. And in my school, i knew more people including my seniors and juniors. Which is great, because in junior high school i was never care of seniors or juniors in my school, i only have few people that i close with and didn’t have interest to know more about other people. I kinda proud of my self because i could be more sociable than before, because that was one of my target that i wanted to reach in senior high school.

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Talk 85 – [Review] The Maze Runner Triology

So, today I just finished read one of James Dashner novels triology they are The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure. I don’t buy the physic books, but I read it from ibook. First of all I want to inform you that I started read this novels in my exam week. So, my exam week started since last Friday and in the same time I started to read The Maze Runner. And I have no idea what will happen with my exam result because 80% of my brain filled with Newt, well, I hope it will not be that bad, hehe 😀

I watched the movie before I read the novels. I truly in love with the movie, I even watched it seven times in two days. Some people say that it’s another Hunger Game or Divergent kind of movie, but I don’t really agree, well, yeah it’s all about teenager that surviving their life like the other movies but it way more cooler, I think, with all the boys in it, haha.. But, seriously the movie doesn’t have that kind of lovey dovey things like in Hunger Game or Divergent, which is more make sense, because how could be you have time for that kind of stuff when your life is in the edge of the cliff. It doesn’t mean I don’t like Hunger Game or Divergent, I love both of it, I just want to say that every story is different and I hate it when someone say one story copying another story. That kind of people is totally slinthead. The only thing that can make the story look the same is because they are based from YA Novels Fantasy, and it is how YA novels fantasy work.

My opinion became stronger after I had read The Maze Runner triolgy. And also, I realized that The Maze Runner movie is totally different from the book. Like, everything is almost different. The movie said that the gladers already lives in the glade for three years, but the truth is the book said they lives there for two years. The glade never rains, but it is rainy hard in the movie. Some character’s personalities are kind of different too. Like Alby, in the book Alby is not that kind, he’s impatience and kind of rude. The way he died in the movie even different from the book. How they escaped from the maze also completely different. I guess if I read the book before I watch the movie, I will not like the movie that much, I probably just keep complaining about it. However, the movie had greatest casts ever, like Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie Sangsters, and Ki Hong Lee, they are perfect!

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Talk 84 – Books That I Got In The Past Two Months #2

IMG_1377So, when i was planned to only buy two books in two months, i ended up bought four books. But, when i was planned to buy four books, i ended up bought two books. Yes, there’s something wrong with me.

However, this last two months, i bought two books, they were Paper Towns by John Green, and The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson. Both of the books written by very famous writers.

The first book i bought was Paper Towns. First of all, i love the cover so much, it is really great, really beautiful, and artistic. I saw the original cover before, and i didn’t like it at all, i like Martin Dima’s design more. And for the story, wel, i’m not that kind of girl who like this kind of genre story. Maybe because i’m not a very intelligent person, and i thought that this kind of story is for intelligent person. The story is not bad, but i just couldn’t connect with it. And for the score i gave for this book is two out of five. Ergh, not a very great score, but, well, that’s my opinion about this book.

Next, The Bane Chronicles!! I can’t even aksdaldjdkajdkasdjsadjaj!!

I didn’t plan to buy this book before because it’s kinda expensive but i ended up bought it anyway. And i bought it online so a certain delivery man should deliver it to my home. But something horrible happened. I came home late that day, and this was what i found..


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